It is interesting that Kevin Forbes who is still listed here as MD and owner of Aberdeen based jobsite was brought to justice and jailed by the FBI and not by the UKs data privacy watchdog, the ICO .

 A representative of the company seemed untroubled by the founders actions because he was jailed for trying to sell cvs from a  a competitors website.  This I am sure will make everyone who has sent a cv, for what I suspect are often fake jobs on, feel secure that their details have not been shared with Cyber criminals on the dark web for £ millions.

  Fortunately most jobsites are higly reputable and CyberscopeAcademy have teamed up with former barrister Kristy Gouldsmith to offer GDPR training for recruiters and jobsite owners in the UK as well as Europe.



Below is a transcript of my Facebook messaging with OilandGasPeople yesterday...........


Your site was founded by a convicted criminal and it is naïve to believe that the job hunters that are still on your database have not had their personal data compromised .


Kevins (Keven Forbes) actions are not affiliated with Oil and Gas People and have not impacted the company in any other way than he has been forced to resign.



are not the criminals here -Kevin is. 

OilandGasPeople  is unaffected by the news. The alleged activity related to a former employee accessing a competitors website.


One of your staff recently offered to do a mailshot from your database for a fee of £2500. This would have been a serious data breach and should be reported to the ICO 

I would like to set up a meeting with your new owner to discuss this


Company ownership is a matter of public record